A union of heavy riffs, intricate rhythms and soaring melodies. A New Tomorrow have been shaping their sound into the crisp, uplifting and driving rock music you hear today.

With a wide range of influences from a variety of genres, they have defined a sound that appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Formed in 2011 in London, England, the four piece has since self-released 2 EPs and 3 music videos.

They have performed the material live all across Europe, supporting bands such as Thousand Foot Crutch and Fates Warning.

The band is fronted by established vocalist and guitarist Alessio Garavello, whose range gives a distinct individuality to the group.

Aggressive down tuned rockers and heart-warming acoustic pieces showcases the band’s abilities both on record and in a live setting.

Andrea Lonardi, Tim Hall and Michael Kew complete the group, and together form a powerful wall of sound that bursts through the speakers.

Multilayered guitar parts offer a level of detail to the songs, whilst the intricate drum fills and moving bass lines make for a more exciting rhythm section.

With their debut album “Universe” ready to be unleashed, A New Tomorrow are on a journey to spread their positive message and grow their fan base worldwide.

Line Up:

Alessio Garavello – Guitars / Lead Vocals
Andrea Lonardi – Bass / Backing Vocals
Michael Kew – Guitars / Backing Vocals 
Tim Hall – Drums